Disease Transmitters? Yes

Can bed bugs transmit disease? Yes, they can! This is both bad and good news. The government has been slow to fund research and development to eradicate bed bugs. So, this has caused single people and families, alike, from any walk of life, to lose thousands of dollars, many hours of sleep, many hours of futile efforts to exterminate, and created unnecessary strife in romance, friendships and family ties.

And for what? Because this sort of extreme trauma wasn’t deemed worthy to handle by governments? Excuse me?!

Well, the good news is that now the excuse that it doesn’t transmit diseases as a reason not to fund finding a quick and easy, affordable extermination is gone.

The bed bug can transmit chagas. Public outcry time, instead of sufferers being socially stigmatized, crying alone at home, suffering in silence with little to no support, and lack of understanding from those who haven’t dealt with bed bugs.

Per the article below:


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