Emotions and Sanity

By following the suggestions on the pages on this site, one can appreciate a reduction in the frequency of bed bug bites. And based on field tests conducted by the University of Kentucky and shown here in which they used only Cimexa silica gel dust as a stand-alone treatment in apartments, some of which started out infested with over 500 bed bugs, one can get rid of bed bugs by that alone within 2 months. The link to those results is at http://www.pctonline.com/Author.aspx?AuthorID=9828

One important aspect in staying positive and sane through a bed bug infestation is to isolate the bed well enough to not get bitten on most nights. That buys time for exterminating bed bugs, as well as improves ones mood by allowing ones self to get enough sleep on most nights (or days, depending on your schedule).

Also, maintaining hope that even if one cannot fully get rid of the bed bug infestation on there own or with an exterminator, there are others who are developing new technologies that show a lot of promise to get rid of bed bugs inexpensively and quickly. It is important to maintain hope – this is not a hopeless problem. Others have successfully exterminated bed bugs, and new products are being developed often. In fact, you may someone who develops a good method or product to reduce or eliminate bed bugs.

It’s good to remind ones self that the best one can do is do their best. One cannot beat themselves up too much over not solving a problem that is very difficult and time-consuming to resolve. It seems hopeful that even just using Cimexa will exterminate bed bugs fully in a home, since it has worked in the field study conducted by the University of Kentucky. Adding other efforts, such as spraying SteriFab and EcoRaider, and doing laundry more frequently, ought to make the time frame shorter.

In the meanwhile, do things which you enjoy while being reasonable not to spread the bed bugs to others. Placing clothes and shoes in a commercial dryer that is at least 170 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour and a half kills all life stages of bed bugs. You can store these decontaminated clothes and shoes in sealed bags or air tight containers, and put them on after a shower and blow dry, and just prior to going out. You can also spray yourself with the bed bug repellent I described before going out, to avoid bringing bed bugs back with you, and avoid taking them out with you. It’s best not to isolate one’s self totally. If you’re too afraid to infect others, choose outdoor activities to enjoy with others, and get together during daytime hours.


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