Ceiling Barrier

Bed bugs can climb up a wall, across a ceiling and fall on to a person.

To hinder this event, one can make a barrier for their ceiling. This is easy and inexpensive.

1. Get a safe ladder which allows you to safely touch your ceiling
2. Put light-colored masking tape on the ceiling, around the perimeter of the room
2a. The masking tape is to protect your paint
2b. You may have to put two lines of masking tape, side-by-side, if the shipping tape is wider than the masking tape
3. Put smooth plastic shipping tape over the masking tape.

4. Get a bowl and put some talcum powder in it
5. Get a cotton ball, tissue, makeup foundation applicator, or small duster and dip it into the talcum powder
6. Apply a thin layer of talcum powder on the shipping tape on the ceiling. You can use a dust mask and goggles to prevent talcum powder from being inhaled or getting into your eyes if you wish.

Talcum powder makes it additionally harder for bed bugs to crawl on smooth surfaces. Note: bed bugs prefer dark colors and black over white. Therefore, using a light-colored masking tape is better than the dark blue or other color versions.


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