Hiding your Location from Bed Bugs

Bed bugs find people by the carbon dioxide released from breathing, body heat and scents which a person’s body releases.

A generally effective way to confuse bed bugs as to where you are, especially while you are sleeping, is to make it difficult for them to find where your carbon dioxide from breathing is located.

How can that be done?

You can put a fan near your head at the same height as your head. It’s helpful if there is a window at least slightly open nearby, and preferably on the other side of your head than where the fan is. This will cause your carbon dioxide to be blown outside and not accumulate in the room you sleep in.

Simply keeping a window at least slightly open in a room can help also, to lower the amount of carbon dioxide buildup there.

You can read the Isolating a Bed section to increase your ability to not get bitten by bed bugs.


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