*** IMPORTANT: Carpeting vs Wood Floors

The bed bug does not groom itself, so any insecticides or pesticides which get only on its legs are highly unlikely to work.

This presents a challenge to exterminating bed bugs. The chemicals must get on to its body, or be ingested, for it to work. The bed bug only feeds on blood though…

It’s been found that it is more effective for an insecticide/pesticide to get on to a bed bug’s body when the insecticide/pesticide is placed on carpeting or fabric instead of a smooth surface.

If one does not have carpeting, one can use area rugs, or pieces of carpeting, to overcome this limitation while treating for bed bugs. The higher the fabric is on the carpet, the more likely the chemical is to come into contact with the bed bug’s body.

Placing powders meant to exterminate bed bugs on and under the carpet, around the perimeter of the room, and under furniture, is advisable. Bed bugs prefer dark, undisturbed corners to hide in, where they are less likely to be found and killed. They are also known to hide behind picture and poster frames hanging on the wall, which are dark and undisturbed places.

One can hang up dark colored, thick fabrics impregnated (dusted) with a dessicant dust, such as Cimexa, on to the walls, into and under draws, and other places bed bugs hide, in order to increase the opportunities for the dessicant to come into contact with the bed bugs’ bodies.


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