There are many dusts/powders meant to exterminate bed bugs.

At the time I am writing this, the article below points to the fact that Cimexa dust works more effectively than Temprid SC spray and Diatomaceous Earth (DE).


The field tests of using only Cimexa as a treatment for bed bugs performed on six apartments show that it resulted in full extermination of bed bugs within 7 weeks or less in four of the six apartments. I am not sure about why the results don’t show if the other two apartments ever reached full extermination with Cimexa as a stand-alone treatment.

To apply dusts/powders, one can use an empty ketchup bottle, which can purchase at stores such as Party City, or Bed Bath and Beyond, a professional powder applicator, which can be purchased from an online bed bug exterminating supply store, a duster, paintbrush, or sponge. A ketchup bottle is good for dispensing over general surface areas, and a professional powder applicator is good for reaching hard to reach areas which only need a little dust, such as inside a light switch or around an electrical box (do not put powder inside electrical circuits, as it dries out wiring).



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